Human rights dissemination, i.e. the dissemination of the idea and the concept of human rights, is one of the umbrella activities of Banjaluka Centre for Human Rights (BCE).

In order to better familiarize citizens with human rights and the rights they have, BCE organized a series of activities to disseminate human rights in the best possible way. In addition to BCE’s educational activities, BCE also organized exhibitions, events and information points regarding human rights. Also, BCE regularly criticizes certain processes in society, pointing to violations of human rights, and also participates in assessing, proposing and drafting certain regulations that concern human rights. BCE also produced video clips and films related to human rights.

Diseminacija ljudskih prava

So far, BCE has organized several exhibitions, public activities, events and information points relating to human rights. Some of these exhibitions were Human Rights as the Leadership Idea [2018], The Migrant Crisis [2016, 2017, 2018], The Proper Title is Important [2017], etc. Some of our activities include: Get to Know Your Rights – Do Not Be Uninformed [2017, 2018], Nelson Mandela for All Time [2017], Human Rights are Freedom [2017], etc. Some of the films we’ve produced are: Social Rights [2017], The Difference between Refugees and Migrants [2016], Leila Čolak – The Confession [2016], etc.

BCE regularly sends out assessments of draft laws and other regulations, and also makes suggestions for their improvement (for example, The Law on Protection of Persons who Report Corruption (Whistleblowers), The Law on Public Order and Peace, The Law on Police and Domestic Affairs, The Election Law of Bosnia and Herzegovina, etc.)

BCE is also engaged as a consulting body on rights and human rights in developing certain documents (such as the Banja Luka Youth Policy for the period from 2018 to 2022).