Banjaluka Centre for Human Rights (hereinafter: BCE) pays special attention to education in the field of human rights.

BCE has organized and co-organized 100+ workshops, conferences, round tables, trainings, seminars, forums, etc. The speakers at the BCE events were the representatives of the academic community, human rights experts, lawyers, judges, prosecutors, institution officials, human rights ombudsmen, as well as professionals and activists who fight for human rights on a daily basis. Besides exhibitors, the participants of our educational events also included scientists, university professors, representatives of institutions, independent intellectuals, representatives of the academic community, students, journalists, colleagues from other non-governmental organizations as well as other citizens.

Conferences, seminars, workshops, roundtables, etc. which BCE organizes independently or in collaboration with partners, are aimed to acquaint the citizens, primarily lawyers, politicians, journalists and students of social sciences with human rights, laws and new developments in the field of human rights and democracy.