As part of its regular activities and projects, Banjaluka Centre for Human Rights (BCE) also devotes great attention to the publishing activity, which enables us to carry out our educational and information activities. In addition to collecting, sorting, translating and publishing literature, regulations and judicial acts on human rights, BCE issues its own publications with the goal to disseminate human rights and inform lawyers, judges, advisors and expert associates in courts and prosecutors’ offices, prosecutors and all other citizens of human rights in more detail and of anything that is related to them.

Publikacije o ljudskim pravima

Some of BCE’s publications are: “Human Rights in Times of COVID-19 – Identified Omissions in Realization of Human Rights in Bosnia and Herzegovina” [2020], “The Curious Case of the Missing De Facto – Analysis of the Rights, Social and Political Standing of Persons with Disabilities in Politics and Within Political Parties in the Western Balkan Region” [2020], “Democratic Building and Demographic Renewal of Bosnia and Herzegovina – Draft for Improving Democratic Capacities, Living Conditions and Social Climate for Citizens in the Republika Srpska, the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Brčko District of Bosnia and Herzegovina” [2019], “Freedom of Expression and Freedom of Assembly in B&H in 2018 and 2019 Through the Case of the ‘Justice for David’ Group” [2019], “Misogyny in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Analysis of Certain Cases of Misogyny and Sexism and the Public Reaction in the Period from 2013 to 2018)” [2018], “Establishing a Non-Governmental Organization” [2018], “Asylum in Bosnia and Herzegovina” [2017], “Confidence in Media and Media Freedoms” [2017], “How to Protect Your Human Rights?” [2016], “Proposals and Suggestions – Draft Law on Protection of Persons who Report Corruption” [2016], etc.